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“One is the child of the divine law. After one come two, After two come three, After threecome all things, and all things are auspicious."     Sanxiang Advanced Materials constantly aCcu-mulates strength and sublime and surpass in the competition, it is the high-te ch enterprises inthe field of new industrial materials in China.At present, Sanxiang Advanced Materials has four wholly-owned subsidiaries- Fujian Sanx-iang Yangmeizhou Electric Power Co., Ltd., which has thirteen thousand eight hundred kilo-watts, Sanxiang Advanced Materials (Ningxia) Co., Ltd., Fujian Sanxiang Advanced ResearchInstitute Co., Ltd. and Sanxiang Advanced Materials (Fuzhou) Co.. Ltd.Four holding subsidiaries--Liaoning Huagao New Material Co., Ltd..Liaoning Huaxiang NewMaterial Co., Ltd..Ningde Sanxiang Nano New Material Co., Ltd. Ningde Sanxiang Advanced Ceramic Technology Co., LTD.Three joint-stock company --Ningde Wenda Magnalium Technology Co.. Ltd.,Ningde Sanx-iang Zirconium-Magnesium Industry Equity Investment Partnership Firm (Limited Partnership).Fujian Meiorange Medical Investment Co., LTD.

1 福建三祥杨梅州电力有限公司.JPG

Fujian Sanxiang Yangmeizhou Electric Power Co., Ltd.

2 三祥新材(宁夏)有限公司.jpg

Sanxiang Advanced Materials (Ningxia) Co., Ltd.

3 福建三祥新材料研究院有限公司.jpgFujian Sanxiang Advanced Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd.

4 三祥新材(福州)有限公司开业仪式.jpg

Sanxiang Advanced Materials (Fuzhou)Co.. Ltd.

5 辽宁华锆实拍全景图.jpg

Liaoning Huagao New Materials Co., Ltd

6 华祥氯化车间.JPG

Liaoning Huaxiang New Materials Co., Ltd

9 宁德三祥纳米新材料有限公司厂景照.jpg

Ningde Sanxiang Nano Materials Co.,. Ltd

8 福建美橙口腔医院.jpg

Fujian Meiorange Medical Investment Co., Ltd

“Sharp tools make good work. ”For a long time, through independent research and development and independent innovation, Sanxiang Advanced Mate-rials has been continuously developing new products, constantly expanding the high-end application field, and the comprehensive technical strength is at the fore-front of the same industry.