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It is a linear composite material which is made of steel strips packaged with powder additives. It is mainlyused in steel melting or casting. When it is sent into steel liquid or iron liquid with wire - feeding equipment, it plays a role of deoxygenating, desulfurization, micro-alloying, nodulizing and nucleating.

Wire- feeding technology is easily adaptable to molten iron so the effect of nodulizing and nucleating isgood. Besides less cooling is required and the whole process can be programmed automatically so that alloyaddition can be precise. Capping of inserted wires has been adopted so that dust and magnesium light aregreatly reduced so that the functions of deoxygenating, desulfurization, micro- -alloying, nodulizing and nucleating have been achieved.

The series of main products include nodulized cored wires, nucleated cored wires, vermiculated coredwires, calcium- silicon cored wires, of which some of the cored wires are made with some direct mixing technologies and are environment-friendly products of a new generation.

Meanwhile our company has rich experiences with nodulizing treatment and can provide nodulizingchambers and the special covers as well as the suppliers of feeding machines for references.


REMARKS: The products can meet the specific demand of customers.    


◆The nodulizing treatment is stable and can help produce more spheroidal graphites of smoothroundness, which helps improve the comprehensive mechanical functions of spheroidal iron.

◆Magnesium addition has been simplified. Affter treatment, the purity of molten iron gets higher and lesscooling needed.e nodulizing treatment is automatic and the exact amount of nodulized wire -feeding can be realizedand the noduloizing decay has been slowed down.

◆Less slag is produced so the time for ridding slag is shortened. As a result the number of treating thenodulized cores is decreased so that labor intensity is also reduced.

◆An environment friendly dust- suction treatment method is adopted so that fume and magnesium lightpollution and splash of molten iron have been greatly reduced. As a result, the working surrounding has been greatly improved.

◆Low increment of silicon takes place in the nodulizing process so that more recycled materials can beused.

◆Less addition of cored wires is needed so that the cost of the nodulizing treatment is lowered.PACKAGING METHODS: In sided- -opening or top- opening bags, or as customers demand.

c 13mm coredwires bundles are weighed at 1250kg 土50kg/bundle, or 1850kg 土100kg/bundle. and the corresponding measurements are 1120(W) x840(L)、 1120(W) x1550(L) .